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10:00 KinderGym 4-5          10:00 T&T Level 1                 10:00 KinderGym 4-5                      10:00 T&T Level 2
10:45 KinderGym 3             10:00 T&T Level 4-10            10:45 KinderGym 3                         10
:00 T&T Level 3

10:00 T&T Level 4-10          11:00 Girls Gym Level 1        10:00 T&T Level 4-10                      10:00 T&T Level 4-10

4:30 T&T Level 1                  4:00 KinderGym 4-5              4:30 Girls Gym Level 1

4:30 Girls Gym Level 2        4:00 KinderGym 3                  4:30 T&T Level 2

4:30 Girls Gym Level 3                                                        4:30 T&T Level 3

5:30 Girls Gym Level 1                                                        5:30 T&T Level 1


$40.00 Registration Fee - Class Uniform Fee CLICK HERE - KinderGym Classes $60 a Month - Level 1 Classes $75 a Month


Summer class schedule runs from June 3rd, 2024 through August 20th, 2024, with no classes on July 4th. Registration is done online via our website. Simply create an account or log in to your previous/existing account, read through the updated rules, terms and conditions and then select the classes that you would like if they are available. Make sure you read through all the Rules, Terms and Conditions as you will have to agree to and be bound to them in order to register. Students enrolled in Summer Classes will receive first priority registration for Fall Classes.

All new registration requests will require the $40 registration fee and the first month of class tuition to be paid regardless of attendance or cancellation. Please choose your classes carefully before registering for them. Why do we automatically charge? It's simple, most of our classes fill up quickly and when you request a class and take the available spot, it turns away the next customer in line, if the class is full. Our program is structured and we only want serious students that are interested in learning from gymnastics professionals. Click HERE to register.

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