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Why Summer Gymnastics?

We often hear the questions from parents asking, "Why should we take classes in the summer?”. We also hear, “We are just so busy in the summer, we go on vacations and or other activities”. Gymnastics is a complicated sport and muscle memory is key not only to advancing to the next level, but also to staying safe and maintaining a students current level.

When students take time off from gymnastics classes their bodies forget the movements that they have been learning and the muscle groups become less flexible and weak.

Many of our students are ready to advance to the next level after completing the Spring Recital in May, but when they take the summer off from gymnastics they have to enter the same class they were in during fall registration. This is a safety measure that we must follow to make sure the student has every opportunity to succeed in our programs.

Another advantage to enrolling in our summer classes is you are offered priority enrollment for the fall. Over the last several years our classes fill up very quickly during fall registration and most of the classes have waiting lists. Enrolling in summer allows you to have first pick to get the class you want before its released to the general public.

We definitely recommend signing up for a summer session and get a jump start on the upcoming gymnastics year!

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